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There are numerous islands all scattered around the Xave World Metaverse continent. Each of them has its own size, topography, and climate. Some of them are already available to be inhabited and, most of them, already have buildings. 🗻 🎧 🎮

Not only are these meta-islands (NFTs) a highly exclusive and private place for events, parties and holidays, but they are also a great business opportunity since they can be sold -entirely or partly- to other players. For example: houses, cottages, or other buildings and places. In addition, their owners will be able to rent them out to other players who may be looking for a venue for their own events. 👾 🚀

Depending on their size, history, and topography, some of these islands may eventually be enabled to have further buildings added, such as houses, harbours, heliports, etc. What is more, the places available for such function will be customizable.

The meta-islands’ owners reserve the right to refuse admission, thus only those players who possess such authorization will be allowed to get in.

Some kilometres away and just in front of the Wantaji coast, there is a volcanic range composed of 11 islands. Each of these islands has its own size, typography, functions, harbours, beaches, forests, history, and secrets.

Check the Islands: https://lnkd.in/dBQTttPa

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