Music and Entertainment Metaverse Xave World Announces Upcoming Land Pre-sale

Parcels of Xave World’s open metaverse will begin sales in Q3 of 2022

Press Kit:

New York, NY — (June 8, 2022) — Today, French games, technology, and blockchain product developer Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) revealed a Q2-Q3 2022 date window for the sale of Lands in the music and entertainment-driven metaverse, Xave World.

The first sale will start on June 8 2022 and Lands will only be purchasable using Xave World’s own cryptocurrency, the Xave Coin (XVC). Lands purchased using Xave Coin (XVC), will be priced around $40 USD, giving a wider group of consumers the opportunity to buy it. Then, users will be able to purchase Lands using USDT throughout the course of July.

Official calendar: Land sale calendar for Q3, 2022

The Xave World metaverse utilizes web3 technology and the blockchain to foster innovative experiences and artistic vision via music and entertainment. Artists and content creators can design and host concerts, sell tickets and NFTs, and broadcast via streaming, to develop and promote their communities.

Land plots in Xave World are 16mx16m parcels that can be acquired by users to build their own houses or customized creations on. Users will be able to enjoy a variety of unique and exclusive experiences on their plot, and as an added bonus, every plot hides within it a secret, like a unique function or precious material that can be discovered and used by the owner.

Each Land is a digital asset — a real estate NFT — that is subject to each city or territory’s rule. Users will be able to run their business from their Land using Xave Gateway to implement their own business model: they can build a store, an office, or a private house; the possibilities are nearly limitless. All the Land sold in this first sale will be located in Alala, the city of artists, creators and music lovers, influencers, a world driven by prominent people from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and expertise. From YouTubers and TikTokers to artists, musicians, teachers, and coaches, Alala is a city filled with influential people. Additionally, a forest built at the center of the city in collaboration with Coorest will contain 2,000 NFT trees. As an initiative to protect the environment, each tree represents ten real-life newly planted trees that will help eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere.

The Xave Forest trailer

Xave World Districts Include:

  • GoMusic City: the city of music
  • Alala: a space for influencers, artists, and content creators
  • SoundCulture Island: an island dedicated exclusively to electronic music
  • Wantaji: a city devoted to large festivals

To acquire a Land plot in Xave and become an owner in the metaverse, please go to

About XAVE

Xave is a project devoted to music and entertainment. With their open metaverse, Xave World, and their NFT market, Xave Market, they seek to change the way the music industry works by empowering artists and bringing them closer to their fans through interactive experiences while allowing artists and creators to grow their community and gain new sources of income.

Xave World is a game that combines blockchain and NFT technology in a 3D metaverse, a virtual world built on the music and gaming industry that allows users to customize their own avatars, enjoy concerts & events, build a community, create, buy and sell digital assets, and configure pre-built experiences through a variety of free tools.

Xave was acquired last April by CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRIES (CBI), a French company founded by Frederic Chesnais that develops, operates and invests in video games, business applications, and selected projects in the field of blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

Is real estate in the METAVERSE a good investment for 2022?

About Crypto Blockchain Industries

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRIES (“CBI”) is a French company that develops, operates, and invests in video games, business applications, and selected projects relating to the blockchain, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), and cryptocurrencies. Founded by Frédéric Chesnais, a renowned gaming industry entrepreneur and blockchain pioneer, CBI aims to develop and unlock value from a portfolio of blockchain activities across multiple industries (video games, finance, logistics, etc.) with a view to capitalizing on this technology, either directly or through partnerships. CBI has already made several investments and is currently developing AlphaVerse, a blockchain technology-based virtual world or metaverse that will be opening in summer 2022. CBI has been admitted to trading on the EI compartment (qualified investors) of the Euronext Growth Paris market since October 26, 2021.


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The realization of projects, as well as their operational budget and financing plan, remain fundamentally subject to uncertainties, and the non-realization of the underlying assumptions may have a significant impact on the value of assets and liabilities.



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