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2 min readMar 15, 2023

This is a different and unique experience for those who are passionate about panoramic views and for those who enjoy going on adventures at a great height.

Become the son of the wind and get surprised by the various geologic faults and the large cities that are part of Xave World Metaverse.

The Hot Air Balloons (NFT) are meta-aircrafts by means of which the players will be able to soar the sky in Xave World and enjoy the views it offers. They will be able to explore uncharted places located at different heights, distances, and sections. Moreover, they will be able to watch concerts and take part in events from above, as the hot air balloon will be their preferential air seat.

The owner will be able to use their Hot Air Balloon (NFT) in plenty of the takeoff platforms which are distributed all around Xave World’s open metaverse. Each platform is shown and marked in both the general map and the same takeoff site with a meta-aircraft badge. Once the owner has one of the Hot Air Balloons (NFT) in their inventory, they will be able to make use of this function.


Which routes can I take with my Hot Air Balloon?
The flights are divided into segments between points. Their distance, heights, views, flying time, and speed may vary.
There are a great number of takeoff platforms with fabulous views and paths all around Xave World. More platforms with new segments and experiences will be eventually added.

When can I use my Hot Air Balloon?
Once the first official version of Xave World Metaverse is available, the takeoff platforms for the aircrafts will be enabled.

Which routes can I take with my Hot Air Balloon?
The purchasing of the aircrafts in Xave World Metaverse is carried out in the official Xave market (

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