The lands of Xave World: everything you to know about them + FAQ

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4 min readJun 7, 2022


What are Lands?

Lands are 16mX16m portions of Xave World’s open metaverse which can be acquired by users in order for them to build their own houses or customized places. In addition, users will be able to enjoy a diverse number of unique and exclusive experiences which can be only accessed if they own such LANDS.

A ’LAND’ is a digital asset, a real estate NFT which is subject to each city’s or territory’s rules. What is special is that all of them hide a secret, a function, or precious material, which will be eventually discovered and exploited by the owner.

What can I do with my Land?

Users that own “LANDS” will be able to choose from a catalogue of free designs to build their place within the metaverse. There will also be a premium catalogue where the user will be able to purchase other designs in the form of NFTs. Once the metaverse is fully operational, the user will be able to run their business from their Terra using Xave Gateway to implement their own business model: they can build a store, an office, or just a private house, anything they want taking into consideration the space limitations.

Users can combine two or more adjoining “LANDS” to create larger spaces called “TERRAINS”. By owning a Terrain, the user will have the possibility to combine multiple designs in the different “Terras” that form the “TERRAIN” to create a unique construction that no one else will be able to use. The user will be able to mint the design he created as an NFT and keep it, sell it or exchange it as any other NFT.

How can I access the Land sale?

The first sale of Lands will be on June 8th: it will be exclusive for XVC holders and it will have a very special prize. A random snapshot will be taken before June 8th and users holding at least 20K Xvc in their private wallets will enter the whitelist for the first presale. In addition, 4 other random snapshots will be taken and 5 holders will be selected in each one to receive a free Terra. 3 snapshots have been taken so far, all of them for airdrops, the whitelist snapshot is still to be taken.

You can check the Land sale calendar for the third quarter of 2022 here:

All the lands sold in this quarter will be located in Alala, the city of influencers. It will be a city dedicated to prominent people from all areas: from social media influencers like YouTubers or TikTokers to teachers and coaches, musicians, artists, and content creators of any kind. This means that if you purchase a space within this city, you might end up with a celebrity as your neighbor.

Welcome to Alala, the city of Musician, music lovers and creator!

Types of construction

  • Houses (1 land required, ground floor only)
  • Department buildings (4 lands required -2 lands by 2 lands-, 3 stories)
  • Three-story Community houses (6 lands required -2lands by 3 lands-,3 stories)
  • Five-story Community houses (12 lands required -3lands by 4 lands-,5 stories)
  • Buildings up to 19 stories (16 lands required -4 lands by 4 lands-, up to 19 stories)
  • Seven-story Community houses (25 lands required -5lands by 5 lands-,7 stories)
  • Buildings with 20 stories or more (25 lands required -5lands by 5 lands-,)

How to buy Lands? (Step by step)

On June 8th, go to , click on “Buy Lands” and follow the steps. You will need to connect your wallet using Wallet Connect.


Q-Do I need to download an app to buy lands?

A-No, all the purchases will be done via browser. You can use any browser that supports Wallet Connect.

Q-What will the XVC collected through the land sale will be used for?

A-Liquidity purposes

Q-How is the disposition of the Lands to build a Terrain? Do they need to form a square?

A-No, the disposition isn’t relevant, the only thing needed to combine two lands into a Terrain is that they are adjacent.



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