Welcome RE/MAX Data Work to our metaverse!

We are extremely proud to welcome RE/MAX Data Work to Xave World as the first branch office of RE/MAX to operate within the metaverse. Through their virtual office at Xave World, they will be able to serve clients and display their real state catalog within the metaverse.

Xave and RE/MAX Data Work have come together to promote the development, creation and commercialization of spaces within the metaverse. According to this agreement, RE/MAX Data Work will be the official entity to commercialize the lands and assets that conform the Xave World metaverse.

We plan to launch our presale of our main lands in the upcoming months through our own NFT marketplace www.xave.market.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset created in the blockchain that can represent real life objects such as art and music, or elements that can be used within a video game. They are commercialized online, often through cryptocurrencies.

About RE/MAX Data Work:

RE/MAX Data Work is an office branch of the number 1 real state network in the world, RE/MAX, with over 8000 offices in 90 countries and over 120.000 active agents worldwide. Their philosophy is mainly based on cooperation and teamwork, which reflects in an excellency client service.

Website: https://remaxdatawork.com.ar/

About Xave World Metaverse:

Xave World Metaverse is a decentralized space oriented to the world of music, based entirely on experiences dedicated to content creators and consumers, and on the commitment to its community.

Xave World aims to promote creators and be the home of musicians, DJs, producers and fans of every music genre.

· Content creators: will be able to sell NFTs, upload and share their own musical and audiovisual content with the community, as well as monetize their work.

· Users: will be able to discover a world in constant expansion; interact with their surroundings, community and artists; enjoy the best concerts, main events and VOD content; and purchase NFTs.

· Original content: Concerts and events produced exclusively by Xave World, both on 3D and 2D format.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xavecoin/




Xave World proposes to empower creators and be the home of musicians, djs, producers and music fans of all genres.

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Xave Metaverse

Xave World proposes to empower creators and be the home of musicians, djs, producers and music fans of all genres.