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«You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.». Jane Goodall.

If you are reading this note, it’s either because you are one of the future owners of a part of Xave Forest or you are considering becoming one.


Here are the next steps we’d like to share with you:

1- Now that the White List is closed, a Smart Contract will be executed in the BSC network on 21-March at 00:00 UTC. A gift NFT will be deposited in your NFT wallet. This NFT grants you the exclusive privilege of being among the first owners of Xave Forest.

Please note that you do not need to add this token to your wallet to proceed with the following purchase steps. Simply by being whitelisted, you can be sure that at the designated time, you will have this NFT in your blockchain address, even if you cannot see it. However, adding it to your wallet is purely optional.

To add the authorization token, follow the steps described below, in step 8.

2- Subsequently, a map will be provided, detailing the specific locations assigned to each Launchpad or Marketplace.

Enjinstarter spaces will be divided into two sectors:

Sector 6: Located at the heart of the forest, directly opposite the Main Arena. This sector will host the greatest events of Xave Forest, including concerts, gatherings, presentations by prominent speakers on environmental awareness, and much more

Sector 9: A secluded sector, offering a peaceful atmosphere, boasting stunning mountain views and endless starry skies. This location is perfect for experiencing the full potential of Xave Forest’s immersive interactions with nature and 3D sounds.

3- We now invite you to explore our Marketplace which will open on March 21st at 15 pm UTC, allowing you to search and select the location that appeals to youtube most: https://buylands.xave.market

The link will direct you to the Xave Forest district. The lands reserved for the Enjinstarter community are highlighted in green.

4- We suggest that, before selecting your Lands, you connect your wallet. The website will prompt you to switch or add the BSC network based on your wallet’s configuration..

5- From this point, you can add the Lands you wish to purchase, and by following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to complete the transaction. You can add up to 25 lands at once in your Cart and make it a single purchase.

In the purchase summary (checkout), you will be informed of your BUSD balance, which is the required token for payment. Additionally, you will see the total number of Lands you’re buying, the total value of the selected Lands, and the amount of Xave Authorizer Keys needed to complete the purchase..

6- To see the Land on your favorite NFT Wallet, you may follow these simple steps, although generalistic, since every Wallet is different and we don’t intend to cover every single one in this document:

You may be prompted for the NFT Smart Contract address:: 0x8279287a9c3655f2669E952F1A3FbdCf7505D33C

Secondly the Token ID, which you will find at the bottom of the Land data at Xave Lands Market (https://lands.xave.market). You can also be able to find the link to the correct marketplace page looking at the right part of the screen (and bottom, if you’re on your phone or tablet) where you will see a Link named “Find this land at Xave Market’’ under the phrase “This land has been taken”.

7- If you have any questions throughout the entire process, feel free to join our Telegram and Discord communities. We will gladly provide you with all the assistance you need to make the best investment in Metaverse Real Estate.

https://t.me/XavecoinEsp (Telegram en Español)
https://t.me/XavecoinPlatform (English Telegram)
https://discord.com/channels/xavecoin (Discord Eng/Spa)

Finally, we thank you for your great contribution to the environment !🌳🌳
“Together, we can heal our planet🌎



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