XAVE and COOREST come together for a greener world, one tree at a time

At Xave, we are aware of the serious problem that climate change poses for our ecosystem. Protecting the environment has become a priority for those of us who perceive the planet’s suffering day by day. That is the razon why, since the very beginning of Xave, we have asked ourselves: how can we help? What little or big impact could we have? How can we raise social awareness about the need to protect our environment? How, from our side, can we leave a positive footprint?

During this search for answers, we were lucky enough to find “Coorest”, a wonderful project with a goal extremely beneficial to the world that brought us the answers we needed: a great initiative called “NFTree”.

Coorest’s NFTrees are non-fungible tokens, linked to real-life trees, which generate “CO2 tokens” equivalent to the amount of CO2 that their real-life versions remove from the atmosphere. The owners of said NFTs get a financial gain by collecting the $CCO2 generated from the moment the tree is planted.

Xave is creating a forest that will include 2000 NFTrees in the very heart of Alala. This forest will work as the metaverse’s lungs, and its real-live equivalent will do the same. Each NFTree within Xave will not only bring financial gains to its owner, but most importantly, will be an active part of the environmental protection.

Each Xaver will be able to track in real time the amount of oxygen generated by each NFTree, as well as the amount of CO2 it removes from the atmosphere and the earnings generated by this means.

At Xave, we will actively push for a sustainable and environmentally friendly entertainment. That is why we see Coorest as our best ally to create a responsible community, with values that will allow us to leave behind a better world than we received.

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope” (Lucy Larcom)

Walter Semolic. CMO and Founder.



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