Xave develops Terra, an initiative that will allow users own a land within the metaverse

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3 min readMar 26, 2022


Hello, Xavers, I want to start this post by thanking our community for all the support received during our IEOs on Probit Global. Their total success would’nt have been possible without the inconditional support of every one of you. I also want to congratulate you role in the project at such an early stage, you are an active and essential part of Xave and deserve to enjoy everything that is coming for the next few months.

As we have mentioned in several interviews, between the months of May and June, we will launch Xave Terra, an initiative to make possible the acquisition of Terras within Xave World. This will be an opportunity to own your own exclusive and original space within the metaverse, to be an ambassador, a founder in this new world

Xave Terra is not only an investment opportunity, but also a chance to create and become a part of something magical, innovative, new and immersive. It’s the possibility of dreaming and creating without any limits, of become a part of the technological revolution, of being your own self with no boundaries.

Xave emerges with 4 big spaces: GoMusic City, Alala, SoundCulture Island and Wantaji.

TERRAS” are portions of Xave’s open metaverse “Xave World” that can be acquired by users in order to build their own personalized houses or spaces of any kind. In addition, they will have access to exclusive experiences available only to Terra owners. As if that were not enough, these portions of land will hide a secret, a function or precious material that only the owner can unveil and exploit.

A “Terra” is a digital asset, a real state NFT that is subject to the terms of use of every city or territory.

“Terras” can be combined to create larger portions of land, provided they are adjacent. The union of two or more “Terras” is called a “Terrain”.

“Terras” will be presented in three different dimensions: small,4x4 meters; medium, 8x8 meters; and large, 16x16 meters. That means every one of them will be a perfect square. Each meter within Xave World is the equivalent of 32x32x32 voxels (cubic pixels).

Exclusive community presale: between the months of May and June, we will hold the Terra presale on our platform; the exact dates will be announced soon. The first round will be exclusive for ourcommunity, that means #XVC holders, which will be able to purchase Terras at a special price to make it an even more attractive investment opportunity. Notice all the sales and presales of Terras will be held exclusively using XVC to boost the token utility.

Hernan Portugal — Founder and Board Member



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