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More details about Terra Sales and additional Airdrops for XVC holders

As we recently announced in our official social media accounts, the date for the first sale of Terras has been set for June, 8th and will be destined exclusively to $XVC holders.

In this article we will explain in detail the conditions to qualify as a holder and be able to participate in this sale, as well as four airdrops to random holders, as a thank you to our amazing community.

Starting today and until June 8th, the date of the land sales, 5 random snapshots will be taken and the private wallets holding at least20.000 XVC will be considered holders. One of these snapshots, will be used to whitelist the wallets that will have access to the first presale, the other four will be used to pick 5 random winners among the holders to receive an airdrop of one free Terra each on the day of the sale (5 winners per snapshot). The whitelist round will also be random, so, if you want to secure your spot in the Terra sale, make sure you are holding XVC in your wallet from now until June 8th.

SXVC and WXVC owners will also qualify for the whitelist and airdrops as they are the first holders and community members, and SXVC and WXVC will be accepted as a means of payment.

Remember only users that hold XVC in their private wallets will qualify for the whitelist and airdrops. Tokens held in exchanges will not be taken into consideration.

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